Here Are What You Will Get:

  • FLYING STAR PROFESSIONAL: Understanding the Ins & Outs of Xuan Kong Flying Star from the ground up. Building a strong foundation by mastering the 5 Elements, 8 trigrams, and 24 Mountains. Discovering the power of 9 stars and 81 combinations. Manipulating the Qi Flow and predicting the Double Star. Decoding the chemistry between the House Gua and Life Gua. Chasing the Monthly Wealth and Supercharging your property’s Power Station. Experiencing the real Case Study on Residential and Commercial Properties. (Worth USD 297)             

    Bonuses are included:  

    • BAZI FENG SHUI:  Bazi governs our Heaven Luck and Feng Shui governs our Earth Luck. There’s no direct correlation between them but they are inter-related in a few aspects. Learn how to connect the dots by combining your Heaven Luck and Earth Luck. (Worth USD 297) 
    • ​REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT:  What are the Main Criteria of Prospering Property? How to Qualify & Examine a Good Property? What are the Hidden Secrets in Property Selection? Which Property will be Booming in Period 9? How to achieve financial gain in Period 9 via Real Estate Investment? (Worth USD 297)
    • ​CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: Get the exclusive certificate by the Prestigious Chinese Astrology Platform as your credential. (Worth USD 97)
    • SAN HE FENG SHUI: 70% of Feng Shui is governed by external landforms like mountain and water. After adjusting the Qi in the internal environment, we can only optimize the outcome with the presence of correct external environment. You will learn how to assess and evaluate the natural features like hills and river flows, how they configure into positive formation using certain formulas like Na Jia Method, 3 Harmony, 4 Water Structures, 5 Ghosts Carry Wealth and 12 Growth Stage. (Worth USD 397)             

    Total Value: USD 1385

    Replay Video Fee : USD 397


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